Montecito Music and Media


Montecito Music and Media is a Galaxy in the Universe of if Billy Burke. Itís the center of his instructive, productive, and creative endeavors. He turns aspiration into ability.

Billy has been teaching Guitar, Bass, Mandolin and Drums since 1994. He has instructed musicians from all over the San Gabriel Valley from beginners to professionals as well as turning beginners into professionals. He is patient, persistent, and encouraging. He loves to make music and to share it with anyone willing to learn.

Billy's approach is to pursue the interests of his students while drawing on materials he has developed over the years to support the direction the student wishes to go. When there is no idea from the student he can lead students into ideas to spark their interest.

Billy's instruction is superlative and his rates are unbeatable from someone with such tremendous experience. Call for an appointment. The number is on the rock!